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"There is no violation of the setaparion of powers. These measures have been used before and successfully to achieve specific goals and for a specified term."They sure have. Hitler did this in Germany, Stalin in Russia, Mao in China, Castro in Cuba, etc., etc., etc.This country, after changing their Legislative branch to a unicameral National Assembly (meaning only one parliamentary chamber, similar to us having only the Senate and not the House), rewrote their constitution (they are now a Presidential Republic, remember, something the DUmmies wrongly accuse America of being) with Chavez's urging specifically to eliminate the vaunted "setaparion of powers" by allowing the executive branch to initiate legislation without any parliamentary consent, something our system of government expressly forbids. Chavez, and his cronies in the National Assembly, has given him the powers to directly initiate and enforce laws with little or no involvement of the National Assembly or the citizenry. That is why, for example, he has seized federal control of several business and industries, like the oil production and distribution, and can unilaterally shut down any opposing voices by refusing to grant broadcast permits to those he believes are not in full support of his agenda and quest for complete control, all without the consent of the National Assembly or citizen referendums. That's a dictatorship by anyone's definition but I guess that the libs are ok with this as they have never met a dictator they didn't like.

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